Conference program

Final programme not available yet.

Main programme points

Departure from Department of Telecommuncations
by conference bus
Sept. 4th 13:30
Departure from Ostrava – Svinov railway station
by conference bus
Sept. 4th 14:15
Arrival, accomodation and registration at Hotel KaM Sept. 4th 15:00 – 19:00
Opening Session (Miroslav Voznak) Sept. 4th 15:45
Invited Speeches Sept. 4th 16:00 – 19:30
Opening ceremony Sept. 4th 19:30
Paper presentation sessions Sept. 5th 09:15 – 18:30
Departure from Hotel KaM by conference bus Sept. 6th 13:00
Arrival at Ostrava – Svinov railway station Sept. 6th 13:45
Arrival at Department of Telecommunications Sept. 6th 14:00